VIP Retreat in Stockolm

Would you like to spend a whole day with Nicky in Stockholm?

I suggest you come and visit me and the beautiful Swedish capital in the summer months from June to August.

But if you want to test the real winter, I’m ready to welcome you with open arms even in the Christmas period. The choice is yours. Is not it cool? 


You are open-minded and ready to make BIG changes, NOW.

You like the idea of dedicating a whole day to you, to your goals, to your dreams, to your success. . You’re tired of postponing, and you want to get into action NOW.


We will begin the morning of our experience with an excellent breakfast in the bar of an exclusive place, and then I will show you, step by step, how to get out of your comfort zone, how to define great goals and how to create a happy life and work satisfaction. 

In the morning we will focus on the challenges and opportunities you are experiencing right now: we will talk about earnings, customers, resources, and the most important details of your past and present business. 

After a relaxing lunch at the exclusive place restaurant and a breath of fresh air, we will dedicate the afternoon to identifying the path to be taken to achieve your goals, so that you leave after this day together with a clear action plan on your business. 

Not only that, at the end of the day to thank you for the time spent together you will receive a VIP Retreat shopper full of “gifts” designed by me for you. I can assure you that you’ll be amazed. 


If you are ready to try an inside-out transformation experience, dedicate a whole day to improving yourself inside and out, during this experience you will have amazing results!

You will get a clear strategy and specific actions that you can put into practice right away to make significant progress in your professional life.

The VIP Retreat was one of the most significant opportunities for professional growth in my life. Nicky urged me to think about my professional future by implementing many small actions (both communication, content, and marketing). I focused more precisely on my mission, this allowed me to set a huge goal for 2020!

Ingrid S


The cost for a whole day with me in Stockholm, from 9 to 16. Meals included (breakfast and lunch) and the fantastic VIP Retreat shopper with gifts designed for you is:

200 euro | 2.000 kr+VAT (if you are swedish) 

(The costs for air and local transport and accommodation in Stockholm are charged to the customer) 

I am waiting for you in this beautiful town for an incredible one-day experience that will allow you to have what you want in life and your professional activity. 

Ready for your VIP experience? 

Only three spots are available for this extraordinary opportunity this year, so I hope you’ll act fast and secure your place today… 

P.S. If you’re interested in my retreat but have questions, feel free to write to me … I’m happy to answer them!