Dawn of Happiness

In English or Italian language – First session (40 minutes for FREE)


You are not happy, you have problems that you would like to solve, and if you could, you would change your life (or something).

My goal is to train you to become stronger especially in this uncertainty period of our history.

I want you to learn always to be happy. After you’ve done it, you’ll NEVER need ME again.


The path I offer is a mix of work to be done autonomously, through the materials I have selected for you and individual mentoring sessions to do with me.


On Skype. Microphone, good quality connection, and webcam. This way it will almost be like sitting in front of me. A live call lesson (1 hour each) + exercises tailored for you.


In person – in Stockholm – in one of these three locations:
Strandvägen 7;
Vasagatan 7;
Norrtullsgatan 6

A meeting (1h) + exercises tailored for you.


I train you to become a healthy person, confident, free from any conditioning, able to solve every problem.

I will teach you how to enrich your life with positive emotions.

I will teach you how to live with enthusiasm.

I will help you to do the hardest thing: to become happy, of happiness that nothing and nobody will ever take away from you.

There will always be problems, and maybe you will have to face a lot of difficulties.

None of this will take away from you any more the strength that I will teach you to create within you.


The path with Nicky gave me the answer to the question: “What is happiness for you?” I realized that to be happy I needed to be me in my most authentic version, overcoming the fears of the judgment of others and setting goals and dreams that were really and completely mine. Nicky offered me practical skills and tools; it was the turning point, the second opportunity that gave me life to be happy.

Marlene C.


You have a person who listens to you, a direct, human relationship. Nicky is there, and you are there.

You will have specific support for your problems. In a meeting 1:1, I can understand your issue correctly and help you find your solution.

Talking with me can give you more motivation.

I can spur you and help you observe your situation from another point of view.

When we make a meeting there is maximum flexibility: we can talk about everything. I will be there just for you.

Read the story of Abigail behind “Dawn of Happiness”



My mentorship service is 87 Euro per session (1 hour each time)

The price is 870 SEK (Sweden) per session (1 hour each time)


  • Gratitude and superpowers
  • Kindness and relationship with others
  • Coziness and praise
  • Sleep and physical exercise
  • How to find positivity
  • The choice of a new mindset
  • Release old grudges
  • Reconnect with your emotions
  • Your successes
  • Toxic relationships
  • New habits and positive tone
  • Stress and digital detox
  • Your values and happy work
  • Happy moments and smile
  • And much more…


It will be tailored to your individual needs, and you’ll receive 1-hour mentoring calls or 1 to1 in Stockholm and homework that will be checked by me.

During this period I will be available via email contact Mon-Fri during office hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I have to pay?

Payment of the chosen path must be made before the second session. Payments shall be arranged using Bankgiro (Sweden) or Bank transfer (Europe). Important: by making the payment you accept this Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of NickyFalk.com

Can I delete the session after it has booked?

You can delete the session if you write me an email at least 24 hours before the booked meeting. We can add a new session at the end of the path. Same thing if I have to delete the session. If you delete the session with less than 24 hours notice or miss it, or failed to log-in (Skype call) within 15 minutes following the session start time, the meeting it will be considered as complete.

Can I move the session after it has booked?

If you have a mishap, you can change the date session by writing an email. I will fix a new appointment.

Can not find the answer you were looking for?

Write to me with your doubts. Better now, than later!