Nicky Falk

Digital Marketing - Branding - Self-Growth

Hi, lovely!

I’m Nicky, an International coach, and consultant for women

My goal is to help businesswomen or aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, and creative and ambitious women to create and grow their own life and digital business with clarity, authenticity, and simplicity.

Every day I dedicate myself to working with women like you, using strategies, techniques, and tools that I have used for myself. 


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With me by your side

who supports you and spurs you, you will learn:

How to focus your talents

How to do personal branding and digital marketing

How to find your niche
on the web & social media

How to be a leader and have a good relationship with your money

How to communicate your true personality

How to be happy with yourself and the people around you

A decades of experience

I blend my mentoring experience with a background in communication.

In the past I supported politicians during their campaigns, I helped entrepreneurs to reach their goals online and offline. 

I motivated artists and athletes

From these people and many others, I continue to learn new things each day and expand my ideas about what it means to live an entirely creative and meaningful life. 

I’ve also overcome many challenges in my life including a painful neuropathy, a sudden resignation from work to start my successful business abroad and lived in 3 different countries.

I know what it takes to transform your life

One of the most damaging things you can do in your life and career is to remain where you’re comfortable and complacent, rather than stretching, growing and building on your capabilities in ways that feel risky and challenging.

I love the mountains as a metaphor for life. I consider myself a stubborn person and I still have many dreams.

If you are ready for a coach and a thought leader that will help you to cross the line, then

You are in the right place

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