What to publish on social media during Coronavirus: focus on food, tourism, beauty, and fitness.

Social networks are not for selling. Yeah, this is the truth.

They are used in the first phase of the funnel to get in touch with potential users interested in our product.

Furthermore, they are used to consolidate a more lasting and informal bond with customers.

At the moment, we are all locked in the house, and live relationships are kept to a minimum, virtual ones are going great.

We are all becoming more digital

With these premises, there is a question: what do I publish when my business is closed?

In this article, we will see some general tips valid for everyone to be adopted in this period, with a focus on four sectors that are suffering much more than the others: food, tourism, beauty, and fitness.

The editorial calendar on Social Media: how to adapt it to the emergency

The editorial calendar is a calendar in which we have programmed the posts of the various social networks based on a well-defined editorial plan.

Let’s take an example: before your target was looking for a beach holiday for July and you were offering your facility, now people are afraid to move, and your facility is closed.

What to publish in practice?

From these premises, it is easy to understand that the contents that we used before not only are no longer suitable, but they risk being “out of place.”

Let’s ask ourselves what your target needs from you at THIS MOMENT and how you can make yourself useful.

Here are some tips on content, also depending on the area of ​​expertise:


Promote takeaway: it is not enough to create a takeaway service, but you must also communicate it and make it attractive to your target.

Offer valuable curiosities: whether sharing a recipe or a video about the staff, people will appreciate it.

Create challenges: use contests to involve users, such as tagging yourself with a takeaway dish or the challenge of recreating it at home.


Keep the desire high: people can’t move now, but you have to let them dream, waiting for their next holiday.

Show your worth: why should they choose you? It’s time to show the best of you and what the area has to offer by creating posts with exciting content.

Memories of past seasons: Show moments of happiness and relaxation, which bring nostalgia but also the desire to relive them.


Encourage online product purchases: use this moment to sell your products online by creating posts in which you tell their characteristics.

Offer pieces of advice of beauty: create tutorials and videos in which you share information and secrets about the beauty world.

Gift certificates and packages: prepare packages and services to be sold now (with special conditions) and to be used once reopened.


Activate online lessons: create lessons in which people can really experience your services.

Involve staff: get employees to help you create stories and content, e.g., what they are doing to keep fit.

Motivational posts: fitness requires motivation: look for aphorisms that motivate your audience.

Surely what we are facing is an unprecedented situation.

My suggestion is not to miss the opportunity given by Social Media Marketing to keep in touch with the public.

In principle, avoid stopping communication activities.

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