10 ways to add value to your business and make it unique

One of the most difficult challenges is to establish what makes your business different from competitors and presenting it in a way that attracts the ideal customer.

The secret to creating your differentiation is to understand what our ideal customer wants and to make sure that you get it and better than anyone else.

How to do?

Take some time to think and draw up a list of things you can do well, perhaps without even trying too hard.

Don’t underestimate anything, because something easy for you to do could be the key to your success:

What do your customers appreciate your service?
What can you create using your talents?

Those who offer services, such as consultants, accountants, coaches, designers, will realize that almost the same services are provided: the same service at comparable prices.

So you have to understand what you can do better than others and take advantage of it.

Or present yourself with something unique, which only you can offer, which gives you added value compared to competitors.

Here are some ideas to help you determine your added value.

Know your Market

specialize in a niche market, by focusing on products or services that a particular customer can benefit.

Providing a solution to a particular situation allows you to maximize your profit and build lasting relationships with the customer.

Create the best experience for your customer

From the initial offer to the final delivery, make sure that your customer is treated as if he were the one and only.

Find out the common problems of your customers

be the best at solving them. You have to be the fastest and most effective solution to their problems.

Be innovative

If your services are identical to those of competitors, make the way you provide them special.

Create compelling offers

Create offers that are impossible to ignore – be creative with your service packages and add more value.

Create quality funnel marketing

If you offer training, give access to modules to download or refund in case of an unsatisfied customer.

Make sure you are recognized as an expert in the sector

build a good reputation through blog posts, videos, or other information products.

Make it easy to work with you

Be accessible. Provide the possibility of contacting you via message or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simplify your contact.

Be yourself

bring out your personality. The unique personality allows you to distinguish yourself from others.

Create a business based on your values

which you firmly believe. Be transparent to your customers about what you do and why.

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