Become a digital entrepreneur in the days of the Coronavirus

In just 2 months – since Coronavirus came into our lives – we realized the importance of digital services.

Digital services are essential to meet our needs right now.

We ordered food from the restaurant online or books and games for children exclusively digitally.

How many had experienced smart working?

How many people have reinvented themselves at the speed of light, in order not to lose their customers?

Here, as you can imagine, from here on, digital will take more and more power, and some things will never return as before.

A way that is more functional, faster, safer, but above all, which allows us to have more time for ourselves.

This is why this quarantine period offers us an excellent opportunity to reorganize ourselves, to think of a new way of doing business.

What you need to start

The website and blog that you own remain the only real vital channel to have right now to start your digital business.

You have the freedom to use it at your leisure without being dependent on others (example: social networks).

You can use your site to explain what you do and sell directly.

You can attract potential customers from Google through SEO and convert them into loyal users through your mailing list or newsletter.

In short, having your own site (even better if with a blog inside it) is essential today if you want to create a loyal following.

Is it enough?

However, to obtain concrete results (= customers), it is not enough to have “a site.”

You must have:

  • The right website for you and your target;
  • An optimized website;
  • A configured website

It must be a real marketing tool that brings you, customers.

How do you get all this?
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