Take care of yourself now

The number of women who have asked to have a Discovery session with me has increased compared to the past few months.

Women with different needs but something in common.

They need to share their needs with me and understand how they can take care of themselves with coaching at this particular moment.

Some of them need to forgive themselves for not being able to do everything.

Others need to know their resources and understand how to use them.

They feel called to reinvent themselves professionally and personally and want to do it with greater confidence in themselves.

Still, others have realized that time is now on their side because they have the distinct feeling that life is inviting them to focus more on it.

They start to wonder:
“Where am I?”
“What do I want to do?”

They are ready to return to their daily lives with more awareness of what they do.

They want to be more understanding towards themselves, right now, who are called even more to keep family, work, aspirations in balance.

Words that have the power to transform

Talking to them confirmed that we women are much more aware of what we believe.

We know how to bring out the resources necessary to recover in the most challenging moments.

Listening to them also allowed me to remind them how I can help them meet their needs right now:

forgive and accept that they are not perfect, accept their limits,

recognize that they are beautiful as they are, especially now,

live with awareness what is happening, make their choices more clearly,

recognize the resources that can help them reinvent themselves, where needed,

face their “today” with self-confidence,

If you recognize yourself in these words and if, while reading, you hear something that calls you in particular, I will wait for your discovery session!

The meeting is my gift for you to explain how I can help you taking care of your needs with coaching.

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