Marketing and Coronavirus: 5 tips to not sick your business

In recent weeks, the whole world has focused on the corona-virus and the uninterrupted succession of negative news that invade the media.

Sales have plummeted for many companies, and the worst part is that it is not known when it will return to normal (if it will return).

In this situation, the classic marketing techniques are not sufficient.
So what to do? To look for solutions, you have to start with the problem itself.

By analyzing the situation, it is possible to make a couple of general considerations.

First consideration: we are all connected

As soon as the transmission of the virus started, even for companies, there was a domino effect.

As soon as a department, a supply stopped, others stopped, and so on, up to an almost total block.

Second consideration: the power of communication in the digital age

From the first initial communications of journalists to the unlimited messages in Facebook groups, one thing is sure: communication today is like a bullet, fast and deadly.

Unfortunately, it was not managed immediately as it should have been, and the effects were devastating, even before politics decided in any country.

Third consideration: the unexpected that you really don’t expect

This event showed that it is impossible to really predict everything and that there are possibilities in which even the best of the work done must be trashed.

If these can be considered the lessons learned from what is happening today, how can we exploit them in favor of our business?


Yes, you are a human being, and you are faced with frightened and disoriented people who cancel your services/products because now their priorities are other.

Don’t get angry, on the contrary! Try to be understanding, help them look for options that reassure them.

If you can, take an active part in your community, raising awareness on the topic, and intervening as best you can, even with your business.

Be ethical: this is not the time to speculate.


Digital has enabled direct and real-time one-to-one communication.

Please take advantage of it in a positive sense, making you find yourself with attentive customer care, rather than reassuring and continuously updating.

Sooner or later, all this will pass, and you will be connected with your customer, an excellent advantage factor.


Only those who manage to adapt better will be able to move forward.

Therefore do not get down and continue to sow slowly looking for new ways and alternatives.


Unfortunately, people are less likely to buy right now.

Investing in advertising campaigns now, you risk making the wrong investments.

Wait and use that budget later with a new strategy.


We often complain that we don’t have time to make changes or improvements to our business: I would say it’s the right time.

Please sit down and analyze your business.

Check its health, start creating that new service/product that you have had in mind for a while but that you have never had time to develop.

Finally, I recommend by advising you on “patience”.  What do you think? What are you doing to face this moment?

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