The story of Abigail behind “Dawn of Happiness”

This is the story of Abigail, who, in one year, thanks to Dawn of Happiness, has achieved more results than with five years of psychotherapy.

Abigail wanted to improve her relationship with the people she loves and be happy.
To change job and finally find her way and do what makes her heart beat with passion.
Besides, she wanted to become more aware of who she is and what she is worth and to develop more self-confidence.

She understood what her resistances were, what her negative thoughts were, and why she continually proposed them in her life.

What behaviors separated her from who she really wanted to become.

She understood that she is the set of all the experiences she has lived and the teachings received from her family.

This has influenced her thoughts, her emotions, and, consequently, her actions.

I believe that the fundamental difference is made by the first quality ingredients that Nicky uses in her work: professionalism, humanity, closeness, and sharing. After 14 coaching sessions with her, I am no longer the same person. I can’t perceive myself and reality in the same way. I look at the world with other eyes.

Today Abigail is aware of having the possibility to choose which frequency to tune in because she has the power to decide how to live her life.

I learned to let go of criticism and judgment first of all towards myself and then towards others, aware of the fact that each of us has the freedom to behave as we see fit according to our beliefs, ideas, or rules. I recognize my value, and I like myself exactly as I am.

The journey with Nicky gave Abigail a high awareness that led her to dig deeper and deeper into herself, and to understand her emotions, to process them in her favor.

The most important thing I learned is the fact of discovering that I have immense resources inside me, Nicky helped me to get them out, providing me with the tools that I use today in my daily life to stay focused on my goals.

Today Abigail is the protagonist of her life.

Before, she lived at the mercy of events and emotions that she was unable to manage.

She often lived in anxiety, feared the judgment of others, and had a shallow opinion of herself, which caused her great unhappiness.

Today i respond to the situations with awareness by paying attention to the words I use, the thoughts I formulate, the emotions I feel, and the actions I do. Dawn of Happiness is a one-way trip to discover yourself that is allowing me to achieve a balance between mind, body, spirit, and integrity with my true essence. Thanks, Nicky, for the tools you provided me for the love you give me and for the passion you put into your work. Thank you for your perseverance with which you carry out your mission on earth, and thank you for wanting to make a difference in the world.

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