How you can develop your leadership thanks to a story from your childhood

Each of us has his favorite fairy tale. From fairy tales, we can always extrapolate a morality that can help us grow.

A condition that I find widespread among young women, my clients, is the archetype of the little match girl.

What message does the fairy tale of the little match girl want to send us?

What’s moral?

The girl in this story lives among people who don’t care about her. They don’t show any attention to her needs, or to her potential (represented by matches).

Heat should be the primary goal of the little match girl. Instead, she tries to sell matches, her heat source, and over time she freezes.

The girl (and therefore the woman) tends to display continuous daydreams about “how it would be if”.
A bit like the girl in the fairy tale who imagines fantastic situations by lighting her matches one by one.

Have you ever thought that with her matches, she could light a fire?

The thoughts of those who have an influential archetype of the little match girl often find themselves thinking:
One beautiful day I will…
If only I already had …
When I feel more secure …

If you think about it, the little match girl sells the matches, but it’s senseless because she sells the only thing that could keep her warm.

In the end, when she is tired, before dying, she decides to light the matches to fantasize.

What I wish you is not to waste your matches basking in the fantasy that something good will happen sooner or later.

Please do not dress the rags of the little match but bring your resources where they can take a clear and self-determined direction.

Raise your energy, and get rid of the frost, move towards the sun to make your creative life blossom.

Do you feel like a little match girl?

Have you had it within you, and has there been an elaboration towards something else?

After a reflection – in case you want to retire the little match girl – which female model does inspire you TODAY and why?

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