Be decisive even if you have not achieved your dream yet

Your job does not make you happy and you need it to change it. Realizing that you have to change job can frighten you.

Fear must not cause paralysis, it must lead you to invest time to create new opportunities.

Creating new opportunities must become your primary job, and do it best, you need to develop and maintain a positive attitude.

You have to be proactive

Your change can be a new job in a new company, a new position in the company where you work, and even turn your passion into a career.

Whatever your idea of ​​change is, you have to work hard to achieve it in the best possible way.

Live in the moment

This sentence seems to say the exact opposite of what you would like to do in a period when you feel ready to change. However, still, the change has not occurred, and you tremble with impatience.

When you are in an uncomfortable situation, and you don’t like it, the last thing you would like to do is remind yourself that you are in that situation.

But try to think of a different perspective and appreciate the little things.

Let’s assume that business travel is a burden for you and that you don’t like running for a week from one meeting to another without stopping.

Try to look at what happens when you are walking the road to the office. Look around and think about the things that happen at that precise moment.

The sun that warms the air, the fresh wind that caresses your face, or the excellent colleague you rarely see and with whom you willingly exchange two words.

Avoid looking at the worst side of things

Looking at the negative side of things, what doesn’t work and what goes wrong is like a spiral that drags you down and makes you see everything negative. Try not to make this mistake.

It is impossible to completely ignore the things that don’t suit you. Still, it is even worse if you consciously and intentionally start looking for all the negative sides.

Looking for the negative sides is all too easy when we are already critical of the situation we are experiencing. Still, this type of research only makes us feel worse and does not allow us to change anything of the current situation.

Trying to be positive affects your mood and your emotional and physical health. If you are in an unpleasant, dull, or tough situation, having a deliberately non-negative attitude will help you get better and find better solutions.

Think about what you want to change

Thinking about what you want to change does not mean spending time thinking about all the things that are not going well and how it would be nice if they were different.

Think and visuale the ideal situation and what you could do to make the current situation a little more similar to the ideal one.

When you happen to be in a meeting all week, use breaks to think about how you would like to live your life and what you would really like to do.

Do you like the job you do, but is the specific business situation wrong? Or do you have a completely different lifestyle in mind?

Being aware of what you really want helps put emotions, desires, and reality back into place.

You will find that the situation you are now experiencing can be lived in a better way.

In any case, it is not a permanent situation but only a transitory one that will serve as a springboard for your jump (whatever it may be).

Find other ways to enjoy life

When things are not going well in one area of ​​our life, it is difficult to concentrate on the rest.

If the job doesn’t work, we will try to put all our attention on finding a new job. But remember that you are other than work: friends, loves, interests, hobbies, family.

Often when you focus on something wrong, the other areas suffer from it. And so, negative situations become two, three, four.

Spend time and energy on what works in your life as you try to change what’s wrong. You will have more push and support, and you will be more effective.

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