How to do more, doing less: your Business Model

I’ve talked to hundreds of bloggers, and the thing that comes up regularly is that they feel exhausted. From their videos on YouTube, or from their images on Instagram, it may not seem that it is.

Apparently, they are living the life of their dreams …

Most of them live with the constant pressure of having to create new content.

Publishing 2-3 videos a week makes them feel like they are not doing enough.

They realize that their social channels are not growing, and they are earning only a few hundred euros a month. 

There are more and more people who ask me how I can manage a successful online business.

They do not want to always feel exhausted and under pressure. 

Why do some people feel fatigued, while others manage to do less but have much better results?

Is it because some have more time in their days? Obviously not.

The most significant difference is between concentrating on being a blogger and focus on being an entrepreneur. I chose to focus on being an entrepreneur.

I do some things in my business that bloggers also do.

Like creating content and using social networks. The main difference between a blogger who struggles and an entrepreneur is the business model. 

The Business model

Bloggers earn money only from advertisements and sponsorships.

This is the reason why many have started to create daily content or to publish promotional posts continuously.

Most of the content published by bloggers is generic, already seen, and gives the impression of being only “noise.”

Bloggers must continue to produce content that the masses like.

The content they publish tends to be of low quality. It is not possible to create FANTASTIC content in a short time and with high frequency.

As you can see, it is not the fault of the bloggers.

It is due to the business model they have chosen.

Most of the time without even realizing that their fate was marked from the beginning.

Why I avoided choosing this business model, and why I think you should avoid it too.

Invest a lot of time thinking about the business model.

I intentionally choose to create a business that sells directly to consumers. 

My team and I design our products and sell them directly to people.

We believe that if our products are excellent, our business will be beautiful. 

And if they are not, we will be forced to either improve the products or to close our business.

The business model is what keeps us responsible for continually creating fantastic products. It leads us to focus on QUALITY and not quantity.

Our business does not depend on the number of clicks and views.

My Platinum Business, is one of the reference programs for those who want to create an online business.

This is why our students get real results.

The most significant success is knowing that a customer is happy and pay for access to our products.

This is why we spend our days creating value, not click-catching content.

In the end, if we help you succeed, we are successful.

If we can’t help you, our business is bound to die.

I hope that this article can inspire you to reconsider your business model.

If (perhaps unwittingly), you have chosen one that now you understand is not aligned with what you want.

If you’re still getting started, we hope this article inspires you to choose your business model carefully.

Wake up every day and run a business that is based on selling a product that you have created.

A product that people are happy to buy. A product which gives him/her the results they have always dreamed of having.

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