Decluttering for your website

Decluttering: eliminate the superfluous.

If it applies to your wardrobe, it also applies to your website, have you ever thought about it?

Even your business deserves to lighten up and be more beautiful, and to do it; you have to start right here: from your site. But how do you understand what you need to eliminate?

Let’s start with five easy pieces, that is, things that shouldn’t exist on any site:


They must be corrected. If anyone points them out, thank them and settle down immediately. The attention of the reader quickly shifts to the mistake and forgets what he/she was reading.

Off-Brand posts

The posts on your site are all indexed, so you never know which door the new readers come from.

If you work in the kitchen, but three years ago you wrote about yoga because you had a passion, ask yourself how likely it is that a yoga enthusiast will decide to enroll in your cooking class.

Delete off-topic posts, or save them in an unprofessional blog.

Photos blurred or used without authorization

I refer to bad photos, or that shouldn’t be there. You can find an extensive list of royalty-free images that have an excellent resolution: take advantage to edit all those that ruin your image.

Theme not updated or site not protected

When was the last time you made a backup of the site? Do you have the latest version of WordPress? Have you checked if the theme you use has been updated?

What plugins are you using on your site? Finally, when was the last time you changed your login password?

Remember: the more time passes, the more your site becomes weak from external attacks. Upgrade!

But if looking at your site, you think there are more substantial things that do not convince you, like your mission, the offers, the way you communicate then you know that you don’t have to declutter, but a re-branding (and if you want we can do it together).

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