Simplify your Newsletter

If you have an online business, the newsletter is an essential marketing tool, the first fundamental rule:
That’s all? No, there are other mistakes that I see very often.

Ready for a small but useful check to avoid ending up in spam or trash? Let’s go!

  1. NO to putting too much information. The newsletter is not an ebook and is not a presentation. It is a message in which you tell me the news. Is it possible that you have 5-6 news since the last time we spoke? If the answer is yes, maybe you need to send your NL more often. Better: a single main topic, which gives the title to your newsletter, and a couple of smaller news.
  2. NO to too many links. Many mail servers immediately catalog your NL as spam. Also, a newsletter full of links confuses the ideas: do I read everything, or do I follow the links?
  3. NO to be commercial only. Don’t write only when you have something to sell.

The newsletter is an update: what’s going on in your life and your biz? What – and how – would you tell a friend you haven’t heard for a while? Here, that’s the right criterion.

If I realize that the only reason you write to me is to put things under my eyes BUY BUY BUY BUY your newsletter after a while, I won’t open them anymore.

Instead, let me see a little behind the scenes, tell me about your next preview offers, create expectations: so when you are ready to launch, I am already convinced, and you only need three lines.

  1. You have to talk about you. An email is a very personal conversation, in which you enter my inbox. And therefore: say hi to me, ask me how I am, tell me a funny thing that happened to you, in short: seduce me a little.

Make me smile. Let me be moved. Let me feel an insider about your facts. And make sure that when you tell me about yourself, there is something in there (a question, a little lesson, a discovery) that can also be useful to me.

  1. NO to repurpose content already seen. If you put the last post you wrote in the newsletter or resume the text of your sales page, then what reason do I have to open it and read it?

I know I can find everything on your site too. A newsletter that works has exclusive content: to read it, you must be registered.

This is the reason why, for example, I don’t share it on social networks, not even the next day: it’s like being part of a super-special club full of surprises, previews, and news. Those who only read the site will see them later, and not always.

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