How to write posts that people like

Maybe you just wrote a post a few days ago that seemed fabulous. Only 2 like shares, one from a friend and one from a former colleague.

You often think this: I will not be able to explain myself as I want. Result: your blog has been lying abandoned for 3 months.

Here, my suggestion is not to resign yourself to this situation. There is always something you can do to increase your chances of getting your posts to read and appreciated.

Here are some useful tips:


Start with passion. If you are going to write about anything, whatever, first make sure it is a topic you are passionate about. A piece of advice that you care about sharing.

A subject that in your opinion, has never been read from a certain point of view.

In order for others to like your post, you must like it first.


Each post has its own focus: what is yours? What is the main message, the concept behind your post? What do you want to prove? If the reader could understand one thing, what should it be?

If you are unable to synthesize the message of your post in a single short sentence, it means that you have not understood it either. Try again.


A little storytelling never hurts. You can start your post by telling something that happened to you this week. Then you can link it with the main point in your post.


Do not write like a bot. If you write as google translate, do not be surprised if people leave your blog.

How can you avoid it? Simple: you are not a bot. You have to avoid writing like you are. Write how you speak, and in doubt read it aloud: how natural are you?


Remember the call to action. your post is not commented, shared, for a reason: you do not ask for it.

Remember to write something like this at the end of the post: “What do you think?

Tell me in the comments! “or” If you liked this post, share it with a friend you think it might be useful for “.

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