Nine steps to start 2020 well

The first days of the year are beneficial to reflect on what we want for the coming months.

Here are my tips from studying, life experiences and (sometimes) lessons received:


Make a list of all the things you would like to do in 2020, but all of them, eh? Small, large, medium. That cost 0 or 3000 euros. You must be able to write a minimum of 50 things.


Make a list of at least three things you are willing to stop doing.


Write YOUR priorities for this year: not your work or family priorities, YOURS.


Start immediately to make some small changes can be to change your eating habits or change way going to work to walk a little more or start running or stop watching TV every night of the week.


Plan your dreams. Coaching is done on purpose, but you can also do it independently. Set a date and make the journey back to the present concerning what you would like to achieve: it is already an excellent step.


Plan a year of weekly challenges, 52 weeks, a small or large self-challenge a week to plan for all 2020.


Try to prepare for a schedule that includes time for you, AND IT IS ENOUGH.
This year, for example, I plan to work from home on Friday and go to the gym more often, to do this I reorganized my agenda according to my new lifestyle.


Choose a word that is the guiding word for your year. It must be something that represents you, and you would like to achieve in 2020.
My word is “CARE” what I want to have for myself and the people around me.


Surround yourself with the right people for you. The people who encourage you, who make you feel good, not judged, people who love themself and love you.

And I recommend in 2020 stay calm and shine!

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