How to turn time into your best ally

Mobile phones that always make us available and that keep us connected to the world 24 hours a day, emails to read, notifications from social media, colleagues who invite us to drink coffee.

It is impossible to maintain concentration for more than 15 minutes at a time.

There are plenty of breaks that make us lose precious time. Each distraction corresponds to a missed opportunity, an unfinished opportunity.

If you are one of those who have the impression of wasting time, this article is for you.

I will give you 8 tips to stay focused on your priorities and turn time into your best ally.

1. Define the boundaries

Your time is essential: defend it from intrusions and interruptions.
You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone or feel guilty if others don’t understand it or give it the same value.

Explain it to them kindly. If they still don’t understand, it’s not your concern anymore.

Try to look at yourself from the outside and count the breaks, yours, or caused by external interventions: do you have the perception of throwing away a lot of time? How can you finish the project you are working on?

It’s your time, it’s your life, and you have to take care of it.
It’s a matter of respect towards you. From this moment, your time is your priority, and you must thoroughly enjoy it. If you make this your point, you have already done half the work.

2. Schedule

Make a daily or weekly schedule of things to do. As with the agenda of the gym courses.

On the web, you will find many formats to download and adapt to your needs. Write down the things to do with the time you expect to invest in a particular activity.

Consider the breaks, provide time to invest in leisure and lightening activities.

Do you want to have a weekend at the sea? Spend a specific time searching for the right location, the offer that’s right for you. And mark it on your calendar of the week.

3. Limit intrusions

Don’t look at Facebook, Instagram, emails and remove the ringtone on your mobile.

Two, three hours a day. You will gain in concentration.

No distraction between you and your projects. And in those few hours, you will do everything you usually do in one day …

4. Get rid of useless thoughts

Get rid of all those things that take you away from concentration and serenity: like unhelpful thoughts and worries.

Focus on the essential things and let the rest go.
You had a discussion with someone: clear yourself up immediately, don’t drag yourself into a situation that bothers you internally.

Don’t worry about what you still have to do, but concentrate and do it. Do not feed anxiety or nervousness.

5. Make the most of your resources

Hi-tech devices, books, courses … Use up to the end what you bought or paid for.

It is useless to buy a new tablet if you do not know all the potential of the old one.

The same goes for books, courses, mp3s: reread and review those you already have. There is always something new to learn, and you will need it anyway to improve.

6. Get to the point immediately

Don’t go around things, waste your time and those around you.
If you have to say something, do it immediately, achieving the goal.

Whether it is advice on how to improve performance, whether it is a mistake.

And now, two tips dedicated to your personal life, essential for a full and productive life.

7. Take time for yourself

If you manage to make time for work pay off, you will have plenty of time to dedicate only to yourself, to your well-being, to your personal research, to reading, to your passions.

You can set aside time each day or a whole day a week. It’s up to you: everything depends on you now.

When you begin to see the results of your new efficiency, you will be galvanized by all the things you will succeed and be able to do.

You will become perfect.

8. Stay with those who love you

Organize time for friends and for the partner.

Schedule an evening a week, or every two, for dinner out, for a cinema. It is a balm for your personal life.

Don’t get swamped by your role as a mother, by fatigue and boredom. It’s only a few hours, one night every now and then.

And on a Saturday (or Sunday) a month, you break the routine: do something that feeds your soul. A trip, an exhibition, a movie at the cinema.

By managing your time better, you will enrich your life.

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