5 reasons why gratitude is the secret of happiness

I owe everything to gratitude. An attitude towards life that I have acquired only in recent years.

I am grateful to have a greater awareness of myself today. Everything depends only on me.

With today’s article, I want to give you five useful tips. Gratitude is really the secret of happiness.

#1 Gratitude makes us appreciate pleasant events that we usually don’t appreciate

We must learn to free ourselves from all kinds of expectations and try to marvel at every pleasant little thing that happens to us.

It is a bit like returning children; if you think about them, they know how to get excited and be amazed by everything they learn, new or strange.

Just a little, only a few gestures, few thoughts to appreciate and realize how beautiful and varied life can be. This is the starting point to be happy again.

#2 Gratitude makes us feel better, it also benefits our health. Most people are very good at noticing everything they don’t have or can’t do

We could learn to appreciate small successes or the good things that happen to us.

You can’t know how other people’s lives really are, you can’t know which are the significant difficulties that a person is facing.

Stand in front of the mirror and think about everything you have, and thank out loud for everything.

I assure you that it is a beneficial and advantageous exercise.
Talking to oneself allows us to realize things that we usually don’t notice or don’t want to see.

#3 Gratitude improves the relationship with others

The more you give love unconditionally and the more you receive back multiplied.

Because of the Law of Attraction, the more you can give, the more the Universe opens up to you, returning great generosity.

Thank the people around you just for being present in your life, they will help you improve the relationship with them, surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are and establish strong ties with friends who really love you.

The secret is to have confidence in giving.
Having a positive thought with the awareness that all the good you do returns to the origins, always.

#4 Gratitude helps us understand which things in our lives have priority

When we begin to enter into the energy of gratitude, we learn to stop fighting against what we don’t want.

We focus more easily on our desires, on our goals and therefore also on our priorities.

Just a waste of precious energy, let’s learn to recharge ourselves with the daily appreciations that we can do and receive.

#5 Gratitude excites us more than anything else

I thank God for the endless opportunities and for the love I receive from every person I meet.

Now it’s your turn … How grateful are you?

Every day write on a piece of paper 3 things for which you are grateful and in the evening make a list of the beautiful things that happened during the day.

Then write what you could have done to improve even more.

This exercise has given a significant turning point in my life, now for me to thank has become a habit. I’m focused on everything I have and not on what I miss. What I’m missing, I’m sure, will come at the right time.

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