The truth about how much a freelance earns (+4 tips)

The web is full of articles and advice on how to start your own business, but hardly anyone answers the most fundamental question you are asking yourself if you want to make the leap to the profession.

The real answer when you ask yourself how much a freelance earns is that it depends. It depends on what? It depends only on you.

Not all of the freelancers I know earn as much as me.

In fact, many earn much less, but others receive much more. So what is it that makes the difference?

Often the time factor plays a decisive role, but as my experience shows, it is not always necessary to wait years before seeing results, and from what I have observed I believe that the secret lies in the attitude.

The people who earn little – in my experience – are united by the very wrong idea that money rains from the sky by chance or luck.

As if we were not the only ones responsible for our gain and the progress of our work, but it was destiny that regulated the course of things.

I believe instead that wanting is power, and I, therefore, believe that there are some things you can and must-do if you’re going to be sure of earning good money. Here are 4 tips for you.

Choose your way

Undertaking your freelance business by keeping your work as an employee until you feel ready can be excellent for a short time.

If afterward, you continue to be afraid that things will not work, and you continue to think that you would have done better to stay where you were, this will not benefit you at all because your anxiety will flow entirely into your work.

If you are unable to manage your anxiety, I advise you not to take up the profession.

Anxiety, when you see that the month is not going well, happens to everyone. What matters is how you manage it.

If anxiety becomes an engine to act and take money home, it’s all right, but if it starts to gobble up, it is not right.

A serene freelance manages has a strong sense of confidence in her ability in the present and in the future.

Take responsibility

I personally believe that in the profession, everything has to do with the value you give to yourself.

The money you earn, the prices you make, the way you interact with customers, and manage challenges.

The more you are aware of your value and the more you work well, and your business accordingly.

The need to bring home what you need to live will be an excellent fuel for your business.

When you have to arrive later this month with your business because you have no alternative, anxiety is replaced by survival instinct.

It will always be easier for you to manage awkward moments and take home the amount you have set.

Set economic goals

If you don’t decide how much you want to earn from the first day, you won’t make it.

What distinguishes a business from a hobby is that the company makes you earn.

You must have a clear goal in mind before the month begins and regularly monitor your account progress so that you have time to fix everything if things are not going as you wanted.

Manage money well

Another critical factor is the planning and practical management of the money that enters.

When you start an activity, you have to do it first of all with a lot of awareness of the fees you will have to pay, to put them away month by month from the amount you earn.

Those taxes are not your money, and therefore you can’t spend it: if you don’t have enough of what to live, the solution is not paying the funds destined to the taxes, but you commit yourself to earn more.

Otherwise, you are just postponing the problem, and then how will you do it?

No one has ever said that doing freelance is easy; it’s a constant challenge and prepared for many attempts that won’t work.

Don’t waste time plaguing yourself and blaming external circumstances but working to understand the reasons for failure and take action to improve.

Failures are a lesson to improve. When you understand what didn’t work, try to correct it.

If you can’t do it alone because you have some shortcomings, ask a mentor for help and invest in your education.

In short, if you wanted to know how much a freelance earns, perhaps you have been a little disappointed, but if you have come this far, the answer to this question can only be given by you.

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