Starting your business gives you an extraordinary power

If you are in the early stages of your business, you have a lot of advantages.

I list some of the following that I tested at the dawn of my online business. You will, for example:

Test your idea

You had a business idea, but will it work? Do you have an idea for a revolutionary course, but will it be beneficial?

Sometimes it’s not so easy to understand it, but if you haven’t officially launched it yet, you can do all the beta tests you want without having to be already accountable to paying customers;

Listen to your target and understand what wants

You have to identify your target, understanding where it is spending its time (off and online) . What problems come up? Which ones can you solve, and how?


Before getting to a real business plan, you need to understand how much you would like to earn per month, and how to get there by selling what and to how many people.


Whether it’s your brand image, your title, your mission, your site’s theme, you can change until you find the right formula, and only then announce your new business.

Find out that it’s not the right business

Maybe after a short test, you understand that this is not for you.
Terrible? No: it’s awful to find out after having 1000 business cards printed and rented an office in town.

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