How to plan the best year of your life

2020? It will be a fantastic year.

Do not you believe it?
Are you watching the screen with a hint of disappointment, thinking about the negative things around you, and what did you leave in 2019?

And instead I tell you, this will be the year in which everything you want will come true.
Trust me. And trust you.

So here is the first lesson: to make this happen, you have to believe in it until the end. And never lose sight of your goal.

And now, the other 10 steps to do, to turn a mediocre year into a year that will make you happy and where you will be able to realize yourself.

Find yourself

Well yes. The first step is dedicated to finding yourself, getting in touch with your most authentic self.

Spend a few days in this exercise, take the time you need: focus on memories, on you when you were a child, on high school years.

If you can help yourself, browse through your old diaries, hear some friends you haven’t heard in a long time. The goal is to awaken the emotions, desires and dormant dreams.

Meet a friend

And today, who have you become? Have you been so different since then, or have you managed to follow the thread of your desires?

Write your thoughts on a piece of paper, and then list what you lost on the way, and what you added again. Or where you changed the road.

Write your goal

Think of your intent to conquer: write it on a sheet and define the date by which you must reach it.

Also, write it on a billboard and hang it at home: observe it every morning for a few seconds (especially when you feel the motivation fail).

Back to the future

Let’s play a game: imagine you find yourself projected into the next year and hit your target.

You did it, yes! It was tiring, you had to make sacrifices, but finally, you reached what you wanted.

Here, try to identify the route you took to get there. Go back in time: what steps did you pass? What changes have you made in your life? What you stopped to do and who helped you.

Write significant passages (and if you want, add dates: they will help you in defining your action plan).

A one-way ticket

Now that you’ve identified the way you have “travelled”, you can focus on how you want your life to change.

Continue the dream with your eyes open, and imagine your days, the people you deal with, the house you live in, what a job you do. Enter the details, pause. And write down everything you see and hear.

Oops, an unexpected event!

It can happen a setback that comes between you and your goal and forces you to mess up the plans.

What is the worst thing that can happen to you?

It is necessary to leave the comfort zone. So you already know, at this point you have to focus on the concrete solutions to be adopted, to amortize the damage.

Step by step

Resume your journey and establish your final action plan. Mark intermediate stages, within which you must achieve transient, concrete and feasible goals.

Now, step by step, walk your way. And please, every time you reach a goal, celebrate. And celebrate your successes.

You are a determined person who gets what he/she wants. And nothing is impossible. Have a good trip!

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