Goals if you don’t write them don’t exist

If you don’t write down your goals or things to do, likely, you’ll never do them.

The first thing, after, is to look at the list.

Try to understand which ones do for you, which ones have been written out of a pure sense of duty.

In practice, your business goals will work if they have a real “why” behind them.

Ask yourself if you know why you wrote them, why you want to reach them.

Your business goals should not be based solely on things like money, metrics, etc.

You need a clear vision first

How can we actually work on the vision?

Here we return to the initial advice. Write it.

Or view it through images. Choose what makes you feel most comfortable.

Try to think about where you want to be in a year, how you imagine your business.

Ask yourself how many hours you want to work, where you want to do it.

If you are dealing with an endless series of meetings, or if you work mostly on your own.

How much money you want to earn

how much free time you want to have, the values ​​you want to convey through your work.

Ask yourself what services you want to offer and how.

This is a preliminary exercise, don’t worry.

There will be time to make this vision as concrete as possible.

For now, the advice is to imagine your business and visualize it.

Writing your goals or displaying them through images that you can search on the internet or in newspapers and magazines.

If you prefer to make a collage of cut-out images and phrases, immediately take scissors and glue.

If you feel more comfortable with digital, Pinterest is the right solution.

Create a virtual board and start uploading images that you have found online, or search for them.

Do not think that this exercise is useless. You will lose much more time if you keep your business idea and goals in mind.

Writing or visualizing them, will show you the way to go.

Now go backward and build your strategy to get to where you set yourself.

If you work on your vision,
at the end of the year,
you’ll find that you have achieved your goals or almost all of them.

First you have to visualize the goal; the rest is just planning the necessary steps to get to that point.

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