The fairytale for those who want to become an entrepreneur: The Wizard of Oz

Once upon a time, there was an employee who took great care of his/her work — a safe and peaceful job.

Until one day, an intense hurricane hit his/her desk.

It was a current of doubts, of desire to change, of dissatisfaction, and of the need to take a step forward.

Our worker found himself/herself dealing with a new world in which he/she found himself/herself catapulted.

In this unknown realm, he/she would find himself/herself struggling with witches of various kinds, some good and some very bad.

The witches along the way

The witch of independence was a charming person.

She donated fairy shoes to our protagonist at the beginning of his/her journey.

The witch of freedom and that of gain were nice too.

While the witch of uncertainty is a character full of resources.
She designed to stop the path of our worker now headed towards the realm of autonomy.

During her journey, our little businessman/woman will realize how essential some traveling companions are, such as courage, heart, and brain.

Three parts of you to match before proceeding to success

One: a scarecrow that would like a brain so much

Two: a tin man blocked by the bad experiences of the past, hiding from the new challenges of life

Three: a big and strong lion, but without courage

The path to reach the realm of autonomy will have to go through the research.

It takes a lot to make a leap in the dark, such as moving from employee to freelance.

If we see a wall in front of us, we better equip ourselves to climb over it rather than hurl ourselves at high speed.

A choice done with passion and heart

I have to sell something of myself that I love doing /designing/building myself.

Otherwise, the end customer will notice it even before knowing my service.

The other indispensable element in this realm is courage, which is the spark that sets change in motion!

You can hypothesize your business, study it, analyze it, for years. But until you find that courage that makes you jump, it won’t do much.

Remember, dear freelance in the realm of Oz, that you already wear fairy shoes you can walk with.

You will realize that all the fear you feel towards the goal of your journey will dissolve.

You will understand that after all, the road to autonomy is not so surreal.

Exactly like when little Dorothy realizes that this notorious and frightening Wizard of Oz is only and uniquely a human being.

You have to realize it and treasure it.
I’m sure you’ll make it!

One day fear knocked on the doorcourage got up and opened it to see no one standing outside.

Martin Luther King

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