Autumn: Time to study and plan your business

The need for warmth we feel in autumn is not only physical, but it is also above all the soul.

We need to feel protected, surrounded by love and affection, by that warmth of the spirit that will make us germinate in the spring.

It is the moment of introspection, study, and planning.
We can listen to ourselves profoundly and understand what we want and what we need.

It is also the best time to re-evaluate our choices. Take stock of what we have done during the year and where we want to arrive in the next 12 months.

How to channel this unique energy into your life and your business

Let’s start with the most personal sphere:

One: reserved everyday space just for you to sit in your favorite armchair and rest without thinking about anything specific.
Two: dress in comfortable clothes that make you feel beautiful without forcing your body.
Three: read the books you have on your bedside table or in your Kindle for a lifetime. Finally, dedicate yourself the free time to do it; to stay in full autumn spirit.
Four: drink hot, fragrant, and no caffeine drinks.
Five: give yourself beauty treatments, even home-made.
Six: moves regularly, even just short daily walks.

For your working life, instead, it’s the perfect time for:

One: please learn something new: read those manuals piled up for a long time, take a course, start an individual, or group coaching.
Two: take stock of the results achieved concerning your goals.
Three: decide what, in your business, you want to keep and what you want to let go.
Four: take the list of projects not yet realized and understand what your heart calls
Five: based on these last 3 points do the planning for 2020.

The planning phase is beautiful because it brings with it powerful creativity, that of the vision you have of your business and where you want to go.

You probably think that planning limits you, but it is the opposite.

If you know, you have essential points that you need to get where you want, and in the way you want, you also know that if you keep those firms, the rest can vary.

What can you plan in your business?

In addition to the organizational aspect of how you set your days, you can design:
One: your long, medium and short term goals
Two: the products you decide to concentrate on
Three: the way you choose to communicate your philosophy and your work (marketing plan)
Four: the editorial plan
Five: the editorial calendar

Lots of stuff, right? I know it scares a little, also because it’s hard to find someone to explain to you how to do basic things.

Still, it is precisely this planning that allows you to let the real and profound soul of your business out.

It’s the planning to fully manifest your philosophy and the spirit that guides you in your relationship with your customers.

It’s so much that I see women entrepreneurs trudging on these themes, that’s why I created the My Platinum Business path. Have a look at it šŸ™‚

I hope to work together with you.

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