5 steps to communicate your brand and sell

The difference between a business and a hobby is to have customers who pay for your services.

If you want customers, you have to know how to sell.

Yes, SELL. You read the right word.

It is imperative to know how to do it.

Most of my clients think that it was useless to do branding, marketing, and selling.

In the past, I thought that the sale was something that didn’t belong to me.

I did not consider that you must have someone to whom you can offer your value offer.

How can we do to understand the benefit they get by working with us at our rates?

Define who you want to work with

The choice of the type of customer to whom you turn is the fundamental pillars of a professional’s work.

How did you choose and choose your customers?

Why are you working for that type of customer?

Know the reference market

You have to know well what are the problems, the fears, the goals that potential customers want to reach.

What is important, what is not, what they are willing to do, how much they are willing to spend.

A mistake is to try to guess the needs of potential customers.

How much do you know about the real needs of your customers?

What problems can you solve, and how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

Give value

Attend the real and virtual places that your customers attend.
Let them know you as an expert in what you do.

Know how to communicate to sell

Can you adapt your language to that of your customers?
Do you expect them to change to your way (perhaps by understanding your technicalities)?

How much listening do you pay for their needs?

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