Final guide on how to make an editorial calendar

This week we talk about the editorial calendar and post writing.

I aim to convince you that having an editorial calendar is very useful, but also simple, and that writing posts cannot take away more than a maximum hour a week.

I’ll tell you below as I do. I am hoping to give you some useful tips to adapt to your situation.

First rule: frequency

You can’t create an editorial calendar if you don’t know how many times you publish.

I, for example, at this moment, public a post every day from Monday to Thursday except the month in which I announce before I will be on vacation, and then a couple of weeks at Christmas.

So much, a little? The right thing for me: because the blog becomes a regular event, which is very useful for my business.

Decide your frequency and then keep the point: it is fair to those who read you.

Also important if you have a blog just for pleasure, essential if you work there.

Second rule: consistency

That would mean: talk about things that make sense to your business.

If you deal with social media, I don’t care to read your post on the British political situation.

If you have a recipe blog, it doesn’t make much sense for you to write me the account of your latest summer festival.

And so on. But then can you never make an exception?

Yes, but well balanced: if something epochal happens in your life (marriage, baby, transfer abroad), tell me because it will surely have an impact on your blog and on your business too.

How to do the calender

  1. Apart from my annual planning: I review what I intend to launch or re-launch my offers, month by month
  2. I work on the editorial calendar in groups of 3 months at a time, just like for planning
  3. For every month I think about the posts around the same topic, at least one of these posts must have a reference to my offer of the month.

I understand how you make the headlines, but the post? How do you spell it?

Once I’ve decided on the title and the topic, I think of several fundamental points in consequential order.

With the scheme at hand – but on a different day – I write the texts directly in the site drafts.

Easy, do not you think?

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