The success of your business depends (also) on planning

Many elements determine the success of a business.
Define the right target; occupy a particular market; create products and services with clear added value; respond to a real need.

But there is an element that is often underestimated, and it is planning.

When you become an entrepreneur, you have the tendency to organize everything. When you have to think about your business model, build your brand, and start launching your own initiatives.

Then it often happens that the planning of what “happens after” is left to chance or is not taken seriously.

Why does it happen? Because managing everyday life is not easy, and working on your own often (at least at the beginning) means doing everything yourself.

So you get caught up in operation and forget to plan ahead for the next steps

To help you avoid falling into this trap, we have designed a skype session for you to plan your business.

An hour and a half very practical, which will allow you to organize events, launches, promotions throughout 2020.

Interested? Then discover the details of the session below: Plan your business!

Plan your Business

Plan your business is a session of an hour and a half.

The Business Plan is not something that you only do at the beginning of a business or that you just need to ask for a loan or find an investor.

The Business Plan is your primary working tool because it represents the map that you have to follow daily to make your business work.

It needs programming, checks, and adjustments, when necessary.

The Plan Your Business session will help you understand how to organize your launches, events, promotions, and all the activities useful to grow your business.

We will work together for an hour and a half, and you will have a well-defined plan for all of 2020. So you will have a precise map to follow to get the results you want

Planning your business activities for the coming year helps you to:

  • Have an overview and achieve your long-term goals
  • Create a solid action plan to make what you want
  • Organize your work to be able to do everything you want without running out
  • Plan for launches of new services or products in time, in addition to the events you will need to promote them

The session program includes:

  • Definition of turnover and growth targets
  • Development of new services/products in 2020
  • Planning of launches and events
  • Plan of promotion and marketing actions

Are you still wondering if this session is really for you? The answer is yes if:

  • You have already started your business, but you need a guide to plan the next step
  • You do not have an activity yet but want to launch it soon by organizing it all
  • You want to grow your business by planning your time correctly

How much?

The one and a half-hour session has the special price of 800Kr+VAT instead of 1200Kr+VAT.

What are you waiting for? Contact us.

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