Know the difference between Vision and Mission in the business

What is the Vision?

Your business projected into the future. The maximum aspiration to which we tend. The direction in which we want to channel our activity.

Vision refers to a future scenario in which we will see our projects implemented.

In every respectable Business Plan, Vision is one of the first items requested.

It is the image of our activity in the future, how we dream about it, and how we would like to achieve it.

A determined and robust vision helps a freelance to focus his energy and attention to reach specific goals.

Try to imagine what the lack of a vision would bring: stagnant projects, waste of energy, demoralization and abandonment of the project.

What is the Mission?

We mean the motivation with which our activity moves, on a practical level, in our daily actions.

The Mission is the most practical part of the business, the very essence that takes shape day after day.

It is the plan of daily work and, concerning the Vision that remains fixed over time, is subject to periodic changes. It’s about managing today.

The actions that are the basis of the working day:
What do I do? Who am I dealing with my product? How do I place myself at the client’s disposal?

Our Mission must be stable and convincing.

We would never lay the foundations of our business on weak and shaky foundations. It is the perspective in which we will make decisions in everyday life.

The Mission focuses on today, the Vision is projected into the future.

Nicky Falk

The Vision goes hand in hand with the real possibility of every entrepreneur.

Let’s proceed with five examples, which will make the concept clearer.


Mission: Offer the lowest prices and the best selection of products.
Vision: Being a customer-centric company, able to allow the customer to find and discover anything they want to buy online.


Mission: Connect professionals from around the world to make them more productive and successful.
Vision: Create economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce.


Mission: Organize, make accessible and useful, information from around the world.
Vision: Ensure access to information from around the world in one click.


Mission: Become one of the world’s leading brands by 2020
Vision: Inspire the world. Creating the future.


Mission: To offer a wide range of furnishing products, of good design, functional, at low prices.
Vision: Creating a better life, every day, for many people.

Well: considering that my Mission today is to write to you, and my Vision is to help you feel fulfilled, I have to wish you good luck! Please have a look at my path: My Planitum Business.

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