What does empowerment mean

Empowerment is a word that, in many languages, other than English, does not exist and is quite alarming.

Many associate it with rampant business people who rush to the conquest of the world to increase their power unscrupulously.

Empowerment does not mean any of this.

Of course, sometimes, it can mean the attribution of particular powers to someone.

Still, more often, it means instead of giving back to people some of their power.

Empowerment as a founding value of my work

We can achieve empowerment on our own through a path of change and personal growth.

I talk about when we finally take our life in hand and decide for ourselves which direction to give it;

or we can reach it with the help of others, watching the examples of others that push us to transform us.

I chose to do the job I do because people in the world still have an alarming need for empowerment.

Empowerment is every time we say no to protect our spaces, whenever we refuse to worry about the judgment of others.

Nicky Falk

Empowerment means looking inward and accepting oneself as it is.

It means going indomitable towards our realization, always putting ourselves first.

Empowerment is every time we consciously choose which changes to make.

Each time we clarify to others how they can treat us, every time we smile at our image.

Every time we live according to our terms, every time that we accept our contradictions with love and trust.

Empowerment means working to become ourselves, to speak with our most authentic and wild voice.

Nicky Falk

It means transform everything according to our desires and to live a life that corresponds to us.

Perhaps you think that this concept cannot apply to you because you have not achieved real success.

The truth is that achieving success is a false ideal because, in life, everything always changes.

Empowerment does not mean to acquire the power to do something or to get somewhere.

It means slightly to always pull out something new from oneself during the journey, to create magic in our lives with the qualities we have inside.

It always means pulling out the best part of you without denying the things you like.

And of course, feeling satisfied with the path you are taking.

It means seeking love for yourself and recognition of how much you are worth rather than outside yourself.

My empowerment started when I left my home country to travel the world.

Yes, then I did not feel I had achieved success.

But I felt the definite feeling of being on the right path.

I know you are looking for this feeling, look for it at any cost, even if staying still is more comfortable.

Also, if being influenced by others is more comfortable, even if working on yourself is one of the most tiring things in the world:

be courageous, be free, be yourself.

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