Will your business idea work? 5 tips to avoid mistakes

What you read above is the question that my clients registered with the My Platinum Business course most often ask me.

Yes, because during the sessions, we work to find and perfect a business idea.

The short answer is that “you can’t know for sure” because every business carries a risk. Here are some useful tips for securing the future of your business:

You must be MOTIVATED

There must be a passion, a sincere desire to make a difference, you must feel that that business represents you and allows you to make the most of your talents and skills.

You have to offer something your customers need:

Yes, because the purpose of every business is to be useful.

If you do not know who you are helpful to say that you do not know your target, and this makes your biz very vulnerable because you are not talking to anyone specifically.

This lack of foundation makes your business a gamble.

Your prices must be SUSTAINABLE

Both for you and for your target. Your target must be able to afford what you offer and think it’s worth it.

You must study the COMPETITION

Because it can give you lots of ideas! Not only on prices, but also on how you can do things differently and better.

If you offer something unique, different, with your style, you can be interesting in the eyes of customers.

You must COMMUNICATE your business well

Not only your offers but also who you are, your values, why you do what you do, your style … and you do it through your site, your social channels, your newsletter, etc.

Clearly, consistently and creatively.

You must PLAN the first year of activity

You must have medium-long term goals when you start and thinking about the future.

Only the biz that does it then really do have a future.

You are not working for this week or this month, but also for how you want your biz to become in 2 years.

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