Grow together with your children

Are you a parent of a teenage child?
Then you won’t struggle to recognize yourself in these situations:

  1. Your daughter was a talkative and affectionate child, and now is a grumpy and taciturn being around the house.
  2. Your child alternates shots of anger at moments of extreme sweetness in which he only looks for your embrace.

Normal? Yes, it’s called adolescence.

It is a necessary step towards adulthood and we can learn to manage it better. The Parent Coaching comes to our aid.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is a specialization of coaching that aims to support parents in establishing a balanced relationship with their children.

it provides them with tools for knowledge and communication useful for education and growth.

The Parent Coaching works only with the parents, not with the children.

The parent implements and puts into practice the skills and tools acquired during the session.

The objectives of a Parent Coaching path are:

  • Develop emotional intelligence in the parent who in turn will teach and transmit it to their child
  • Learn to listen actively without prejudice and with the real curiosity to know the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of children
  • Acquire practical communication skills to establish clear and transparent communication
  • Manage conflicts in a balanced way to transform them into moments of exchange and growth.
  • Help the parent to recognize and value the talents of their children

I am the mother of a child, and the world of parenting and adolescence pushed me towards Parent Coaching.

I believe I can contribute with the Parent coaching to build a path to happiness by helping parents and adolescents.

We do not have super-powers and therefore we must use common sense and above all grow, we too.

Yes, we too. It is not easy.

Growing up is never easy, it is not easy to make progress towards the unknown and leave a part of us.

This is what our daughters are also experiencing. At this point, it is best to do it together. Grow up together.

I have developed a specific Parent Coaching process that will help you grow with your children and build your path to happiness.

If you are interested, contact me.

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