The 10 steps to follow to earn money with a blog – second part


Posting regularly is to be really considered. Many think: when I feel like I write. MISTAKEN!

You must have a calendar and publish new content every few days for your readers.

Imagine a person who comes to your blog, sees it, and reads your article. After three days, he returns to your blog because he liked your essay, but doesn’t see anything new and so he closes it. In this way, you will have lost a potential customer and a faithful reader.

You don’t have to write a new post every day, but at least one post every two to three days is essential.

In the beginning, I suggest you even more, to create your audience, then you can also publish once every 4 days, but the important thing is never to neglect this aspect.

Use this strategy: write 400 words a day, and so after 3 days, you will have 1200 written words, then an entire article, and so you will publish it without effort.


As I said above, collaborating with other bloggers is very important.

Implement guest posting or write articles for other talented bloggers, and in doing so, you will receive excellent visibility.

This is really very important, never forget it, because it could be the turning point of your work.

Collaboration is essential! Don’t believe those who tell you that you have to do things on your own, because the key to success is collaboration.


When you are in the beginning it may seem complicated, there is a lot of information, you have to study, etc … a much-used strategy is to do interviews with the most influential people in your sector.

Select some successful bloggers, ask them if you can do an interview, and prepare some questions for them.

In this way, you will learn first, but you will receive traffic on your blog because people love to hear who is expert in that area, so you will be followed too.


People often never read the whole article. For this reason, creating a different post can make you have more readers.

If your article consists of text-only it can be annoying, try this:
Add an image
a video
an infographics
an interview

By adding some images, for example, people will understand your concept better and will follow you more willingly.


Your goal is to show them that your concept works and that you are working well.

You can set a goal and update your readers on every step you take, and when you reach the goal, explain how you managed to get there.

The case studies are really fundamental to make people understand that what you say is the reality and that there are people (including you) who have achieved sensational successes.

These 10 steps are the fundamental steps to be able to work from home with a blog and earn money with it. If you want my help to start your blog Contact me and have a look at my path My Platinum Business.

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