The 10 steps to follow to earn money with a blog – first part

Many successful people can be found online, which is why it is essential to keep up to date and follow someone who has achieved some success.

Whenever you need to start something, always do research to understand how others have moved to achieve success in that particular thing.

For blogging, the procedure is the same, we are looking for online information regarding this sector, and we follow those who are doing it successfully.

We must have someone who shows us how we should act, and we are lucky because these people share their experiences and knowledge with us.

Starting a blog is not easy; there are so many things to follow how to choose the best platform, the content to write, the model to create, etc ā€¦

For this reason, it is essential to follow those who have already passed all this.

Today we see together what are the first 5 steps to follow to make money from home with a blog.


This is the first step that every blogger (and others) must take to build a stable and lasting business.

No matter your niche, the key thing is to build a list of contacts to which you can have your new article read every day and show them your product/service.

The list is essential because in this way you will have people who will visit your blog automatically, without having to spend money on advertising.

Send an email to your contacts, and they will read your article. In this way, you will have more chances to have new customers and people who share your content within social media (so free traffic for you).


Perhaps the most challenging part is to always offer our readers quality content that is still new.

This can sometimes seem really very difficult, especially for those at the beginning.

In whatever sector you are, information is always essential, and updates are there every day, so you won’t have problems with your content.

Also, make sure you have something to write about in case you have ideas coming up while you are walking down the street. If you don’t write to them you may not remember them anymore.


Social media is a massive source of traffic, so take advantage of these social media for your work and to earn money!

There are millions of people on facebook only, imagine what it means to reach millions of potential customers. For your business, it means THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF EUROS OF GAIN.

People love to share quality content with other people, so above and below each article, insert buttons for sharing on various social media. You’ll soon see the difference.


For every business, there is competition, and when you start a path, you know that you will also have a lot of competition in that sector.

There are two things to do: the first is to try to work hard to bypass the competition (it is often not easy, because they are people who work with blogs for years) or network with them, or create a working relationship with them.

The simplest (and most fruitful) thing is to work with other successful bloggers. Make a list of people who have a much-followed blog, contact them, and ask to publish an article for them.

This is a collaboration and is often much more profitable than the fight against competition.


If you want to work with a blog, you need to know at least the basics of SEO.

You don’t have to become a positioning expert, but understand how to write content with targeted keywords, in this way you will receive free and targeted traffic to your sector that will allow you to have leads and customers.

If you want, I am glad to help šŸ™‚ Contact me, today!

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