The story of Lena behind “My Platinum Business”

The thing I love most about my work is the possibility of creating a new story in four hands.

Usually my client wants to take her power seriously to give a new direction to her life and her work.

Lena had many confused ideas. She organizes creative workshops for mothers and children.

Lena didn’t have a website and only promoted herself on social media. She struggled to find clients, she asked for my help.

My team and I gave her advice on how to better promote herself on social networks and how to make effective ADS Facebook.

Little by little, her activity has started to get going

Furthermore, at the end of September, we created the site. It has already brought some contacts.

She tells it like this:

The fantastic work done with Nicky was first and foremost a personal growth. I had the opportunity to work in-depth on myself and i saw what I wanted to achieve. I created the structure of my business, starting only from my idea!

She loved the moments spent doing the exercises and studied my advice: She experienced them as taking care of herself, of her dreams.

Lena couldn’t wait to do the sessions. They were always full of energy and ideas.

Lena knows that she has to protect her dreams. She has to nourish them with commitment and perseverance.

Today I know that if I believe in something and work hard, I can realize my desires and create the work i want!

Lena recommends My Platinum Business path to all women who know how much they worth and have no idea how to start an online activity.

This journey with Nicky is the ideal solution to work concretely on your dreams and your limits. It is the drive you need to stop daydreaming!

Here’s what Lena said about our consulting

For the first time I made a “serious and targeted” ads thanks to Nicky.

And it’s working!

Nicky is helping me a lot through targeted individual lessons.

I recommend it to everyone; it was starting over and understanding the many things I’m doing wrong.

I had put aside a small budget to devote to training, and I realized that it is essential if I don’t want to consume time and energy needlessly.

And you, what story would you like to tell at the end of this year?

If you want it to be a success story you can start writing it with My Platinum Business, I am waiting for you!

What can you learn from Lena’s experience?

To run your business, you need a lot of study and training.
Better to set aside part of the earnings to create a budget to invest.

Effective communication passes through all your channels, and if you attract new users with your social networks and become loyal to them, with a well-made site, you turn loyal users into customers.

It is on the web that users find the right information that convinces them that you are the person they were looking for.

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