The importance of a strategy to communicate on social networks

Strategic communication is the key to success and sales.

By communicating well, in the right way, you can increase subscribers to your mailing list, increase sales of your services and your products.

Yet, you can reach the right people, those who wait for nothing else but to work with you and those with whom surely you will work well.

Check your Facebook page

Have you written about where you are from?
Is there a link to your website?
Have you written description of your business?

Having a well-filled information section makes you think of a current and curated page.

Yet, a vital and robust business, from which you can buy willingly and safely.

If you are your brand, people must see you in the face on all your channels: blog, Facebook page, and Instagram profile included

You buy more willingly from a small brand that you also know in the face.

As much as your logo can best represent you and what you do.

Nothing will ever replace the trust that comes from seeing a smiling person.

Path errors

Let’s talk about mistakes, or if you’re talking to the right people. To find out, go to the Insight section of your Facebook page and then to the People tab.

You will see demographic graphs that show you the age, sex and geographical origin of your fans and those who interact with your posts: are they the right people for you, or Are you follow only by friends and relatives from your country?

Do you understand where you are from? This is very important if you have a physical store or if you want to be invited to local events: if the viewer cannot understand where you are from, how do they know that you are the right person to ask?

If you sell online services instead, this information is not so necessary, even if it certainly helps to get a better idea of ​​yourself and your way of life.

How to improve your FB page

The days and times of the most significant engagement are Saturdays and Sundays and nights because there is less competition. Test at odd times.

The posts that work best are those between 50 and 100 characters. Native photos work better than those shared by Instagram. Videos and questions work most of all.

The people you reach with your page, go to insight and then people. Location, is the country the right one? Are cities interesting? And fix the area of the fans.

Essential to see also the distribution based on sex: men, women? Right age? Then look at how many people you have reached. And the people involved who interacted with likes and comments.

Are you talking to the right people? If not, you have to work through content strategy and ad hoc ads.

Photo profile and your page. It is essential to have your neutral background/lab/ office photo on your FB page. It would be better to ask about ten shots to a professional.

So far, we have only seen a part of the work that should be done, think about what you could do with complete advice.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start from your blog, switch to Facebook, then to Instagram, to Pinterest to finally arrive at Facebook Ads in a 2 month hand-in-hand journey?

At the end of the path, you will be sure of what you publish, you will finally have your voice and a precise direction.

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