Failure is great teaching

We live in a society where it is not allowed to fail.

But, failure will always be a natural part of the life of those who do things.

If we are good enough, we think to be safe from that terrible monster that is a failure.

“Ever tried and ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett

Anyone who tries to do something will inevitably run into a failure, so try again to fail again, especially to fail better.

There is no doubt, at least in my experience, that learning to manage a failure always fails better. šŸ™‚

A failure says nothing about you, except that you have tried.

It is not an event to be taken for personal reasons to remind you of how inadequate you are.

It is a natural occurrence in life that we repeatedly experience unless we pass our lives locked in a room doing nothing.

Failing is excellent teaching.

By observing our failures and asking ourselves the right questions we can often learn more than from successes.

We can understand what went wrong and how we can avoid it next time.

Our reaction to failure tells us something about us, how far we are in our relationship with fear.

It always helps us take a step forward towards freedom.

Also, if we are excellent, in failures, we discover beautiful things. What can you learn from your failures?

Even if you work hard, if you are already successful, none of these things will ever shield you from failure.

Failing is part of our life. It does not say anything about your qualities.

You have to know that at regular intervals you will meet “him” again on your way, like an old friend.

So, take advantage of your failures and observe yourself.

Ask yourself what you can do better next time and analyze the situation.

When you fail, look back and remember how far you’ve come.

Yet, look at the previous failures and observe the improvements you have made.

Remember all the times you were perfectly capable of succeeding in your business thousands of times more.

Above all, when you fail, don’t give up. The only real failure you can experience is when you decide not to try things anymore.

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