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To know oneself is an old mission that men continue to pass down through different generations and cultures, but I would like to start from a slightly different perspective.

I don’t ask you if you know who you are, I invite you to think about who you want to be.

This seems to be more interesting to move in the best direction to reach the goals you desire.

Who you are and what you want

Start with a few exercises, try to write the answers in a notebook, it will be useful later.

Who did you want to be as a child? And, in your opinion, where did you get this inspiration and why?

How has your idea changed as you grow? What other encounters or knowledge have inspired you in these different ideas?

Coming to the present day, the criteria you had identified as a child are still valid criteria for deciding who you want to be? Or, if not, what would the new rules be today?

Today, who do you think you want to be? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in the best version. How would you be? Write it down.

What steps are you missing? What obstacles do you think separate you from this goal? List them.

Resume the list above and, for each of the obstacles, identify one or more parts of yourself that you can train, or the features you can develop thanks to those limits.

The courage inside you

Think about what your goal would give you: why do you care so much?
What do you imagine you would gain by achieving this goal?

Do you think of someone you know, personally or indirectly, who already has some of the features you’re trying to reach? Who?

Now try to think of the paths you have taken and try to follow are the only ones that allow you to acquire the things you just listed.

In how many and which ways do you think this person could have reached or acquired these characteristics? Try to make more hypotheses, many and different from each other.

And now try to think what each of these hypotheses has in common with your journey to your destination. Is there anything you could possibly find, and that could make you unexpectedly happy while leaving the main path you’re following?

The taste of success

The time has come to focus on the hopeful option, the desire you want to achieve, your goal: how do you see yourself crossing the finish line?

Your wish is fulfilled: what is your life like now? Make a brief description of it.

Is there anything that you didn’t try before?
Is there anything that you didn’t think before?

Now that you’ve focused on how you imagine this success, you know what you’re fighting for. Remember: success is not the goal, success is a journey!

Ask me for advice and let me help you.

There is a whole life to live that awaits you, and you cannot spend any more time in a maze.

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