How to make a product description that sells well in 11 points

The description of your product or service to know how to sell should not be limited to the list of its features.

To achieve this goal, from your report, a user must be able to grasp all the strengths of your product/service, convince yourself that it is the best solution, and become a customer.

Yes, Nicky, all very lovely. But how can I do it?

Creating the right descriptions of your work can be a difficult task. That’s why today I decided to help you by writing the main 11 points that must not be missing to create a good description that is not only informative, but that also turns visitors into customers.

1. Describe the advantages

Listing the characteristics of the product/service and the associated benefits for users is an excellent way to capture their attention.

This requires a profound elaboration and revision so that it is done in the right way, as well as by a sensible critical spirit (What is right for me, can it be useful for someone else?).

2. What problem is solved by the product/service

Analyze the problems you are trying to solve and the typical customer-facing them. Let us not forget that we offer something that has the purpose of responding to a need.

3. For whom or what is the product perfect?

Sometimes there are some products or services that are good for a broad audience, others that are ideal for some specific users. In your description, try to capture your perfect users/end users (the famous TARGET).

4. Describe the manufacture of the product

If there is something unique that emerges in your process, feel free to describe it. While no one is interested in knowing how things are done in general, the specific steps that add value to the product are always appreciated and appreciated.

5. How does the product work?

Also briefly describe how the product works. Sometimes users get scared by the details in the brochure/site and end up believing that the product can be complicated. A brief description of how it works could bring significant benefits to your report.

6. What is the difference with the competition?

This is the most crucial aspect of your description. There is no need for it to be a considerable part, but it should be present. You have to make the reader understand that your product is not just another alternative, but the option they were looking for. You must clearly state why your product is not part of the mass.

7. What result does the product bring?

Speak with short phrases of the results that can be achieved with the use of your product. List the results that can be obtained with your service/product helps the customer to immediately understand the advantages that can be derived from the purchase of your service/product.

8. What makes this product the best ever?

If you’ve made progress in innovation or product development or creation, highlight it in your description. It explains concisely why this product is even better than before. So don’t just stand out from the competition, but also from your “old” business.

9. Which awards did the product win?

Awards always add a lot of credibility to your products. So they are needed in your description. If your product has won the same award several times, this shows even better that your performance is constant, and you should emphasize it.

10. How will the user feel when using it?

Describe the emotions or feelings that the user will experience using your product allows you to let the user experience the feeling of having solved his problems thanks to your service/product. There are businesses, like those of aesthetics, that create real marketing campaigns on this point.

11. What evidence can you bring about your product?

If you can provide irrefutable proof of product performance (e.g., duration, quality, etc.) or service (e.g., availability, problem-solving, etc.) you should share them with users to strengthen the skills of what you offer.

Usually, a photo or link to a video – for online descriptions – can be an excellent way to reinforce your statements about the product.

Try to follow these tips on how to make a compelling description of your services/products and check if they contribute to improving your conversion rate and your sales.

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