How to create a personal brand that lasts over time

When you work on your own, the question you repeat is: “How can I create a brand?” And again: “How can I make my own brand?”

Find something to say

We talk a lot about personal branding, as if it were a universal remedy to make your business work.

I think that if you have nothing to say, communicating will not help you in any way! You will not have an organic and stable growth of your business.

Be different

Personal branding is the communication outside your identity; a way of telling you that makes you authoritative, different, recognizable by your audience.

It is an essential tool. However, many people try to communicate identity and value that are not absolutely clear, not even to themselves.

The causes of this abuse of communication are linked to the boom in social media, hyper-connection.

There is no intrinsic value in communicating just to communicate. Value is content, intention, mission, product, service. Value is in the vision of the world you are communicating.

Communication and personal branding is the tool to connect with your audience and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Visibility Vs. Authoritativeness

I’ve heard that personal branding and communication are the leading cause of success. They are the causes of fame, but not necessarily of authority.

When a business is healthy, personal branding and communication are a consequence of an identity, a strategy, and a value.

Create a business model

To be successful, it is not enough to have followers.
You need to know how to create a business model.

You have to convert your followers into people who buy products or services from you.

To do this, you must first offer something that people can find useful. When you are keen on your message, then you can (and you must) raise your voice!

What is your message, and what do you offer to your customer?

Personal branding is a tool, not a universal remedy for making a weak business work at its very foundation.

Your difference and uniqueness must be communicated, but how can you do it if you do not know how?

If you have an activity that is not working, do not assume that the solution is “more communication.”

Maybe you struggle because you haven’t identified the target, the strategy, the resources, and the business model.

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Write to me and let’s talk about it.
I can help you understand if the problem is branding.
It isn’t always.

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