How to become a fashion blogger in a few steps

Opening a blog dedicated to fashion is very demanding, you have to be determined to carry out what I’m about to tell you, it will take time, but you have to be patient. Nothing happens overnight.

Only if you really have a lot of passion, will you be able to overcome moments of difficulty and the loss of motivation that will come sooner or later.

You will have to think, plan, and then follow a lineup of things to do that I will immediately explain.

Know who I am

Identify your style

Identifying your style is a fundamental step to truly understand who you are and guess what is suitable for your personal style and that of your readers.

Remember that your style is nothing but your unique point of view. Online there will already be hundreds of websites similar to the one you want to make.

The best approach you can have is to think ahead of the editorial line to have. An editorial line that has an original point of view, a point of view that YOU ONLY have.

Therefore, the first mistake to avoid is to think of creating a site that takes care of everything a little.

The most popular blogs are those that have an absolutely original style and unique content.

Start with Google Suggest, it’s the function thanks to which the search engine suggests the searches that users type most frequently starting from the keywords you are entering.

By typing the words “fashion tips,” Google suggests many ideas to consider. Try also “tips on how to dress” – “what to wear.”

It could, therefore, be a valid help when you are still undecided about which specific topic to treat.

The more specific the niche or sector you will choose, the simpler it will be to carve out your own space within the world of fashion and the Internet.

How to choose the name for a fashion blog

You’ve found out that scarves represent the topic of your blog, for example. Good, what you have to do now is to decide the name of the blog.

Now there are so many options; you can use your name and surname, or you can think of a name that contains your reference niche.

It will become your address on the Internet and will play a fundamental role in social networks as well as being the first thing your visitors will look at as soon as they visit your site.

Work with me on your brand

If you decide to work with me to achieve your dream, together we can think about what makes you happy, what you like, where you want to go or wear and bring out ideas that represent your style.

We will think together with a short name, composed of 5 or 6 letters because it will be easier to pronounce and more accessible to remember. You will need to register a domain name and create a profile on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Then you need to start publishing your content. But here the first difficulties begin … If you have never created a site and you don’t know where to start, then you have a little way to go to understand where to start and how to proceed …..

Some ideas for you. You could start talking about your outfit: what do you usually wear? How can you help your readers choose the right things? Then you could analyze a friend’s outfit: how does my friend always have such a taste? What are your favorite pairings? Talk about a recent purchase.

Or your difficulty in finding something that is right for a special occasion? Where to find inspiration? Or again, talk about the time you made the scarf yourself. DIY solutions can give great satisfaction, especially if you then tell them on your blog.

These are just ideas, to write the first articles, but indeed there are many others, ready to be told through your blog.

One of the factors to get the right visibility on Google is to publish quality and original content regularly. The ideal would be to post an article a day and that these articles are over 2000 words long.

It will be useful for you to draw up an editorial calendar that you will prepare first by indicating what to write and in which days. This way, you will know exactly what to write and when.

This is important because you won’t have to improvise in writing new articles for your blog. If you don’t know how to do it, you’ll need a mentor to help you, I’m here to listen to you, help you and teach you how to do it.

How to monetize with a Fashion Blog

Among the various tools to monetize your blog, there is Google Ads, unquestionably one of the most essential advertising services.

Affiliate networks such as, for example, Click point, Sprintrade, Zanox, and Tradedoubler, will make it possible to make profits through product sales.

Therefore, a certain percentage will be obtained on these sales.
A fashion blogger will not fail to affiliate with Amazon and Zalando.

This is just the beginning. I only talked to you about some tools that you can use to your advantage and in the best way, but if you really want to reach the summit and learn a lot more, I have a consultancy that suits you.

Offer, duration, and cost

8 skype calls or meetings for 2 months (4 per month) 1 hour each.

450 Sek + VAT (if you are Swedish) per session or 45 euros per session

You can also pay in installments. Write to me:

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