10 innovative ideas to become an entrepreneur

Are you looking for an innovative idea to start your own business?

Here are ten original ideas to copy and adapt to the various local realities or to inspire your creativity and lead you to develop innovative projects.

#1 Consultant for new mothers

The idea: to simplify the life of new mothers and provide them with all-round help.

A client of mine has just started (Bebé instructions for use), a 360-degree consulting service for new mothers.

There are those looking for advice on what to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy.

Those who are sad and want to regain their brilliance, those who feel self-conscious in their first breastfeed.

#2 Breed insects

Although many people can be disgusted, since January 2018 it is possible to use these animals for human consumption.

There are already some realities, and many more are being born.

#3 Apps for children

Three-quarters of children now have access to a mobile device, and more and more children connect to the network to access information and services.

The top is to create App or software reserved for them with topics that can be shared even by adults.

Those related to education, the promotion of values, ​​or the protection of health.

You can always patent an idea and then rely on a developer to make it happen.

#4 Travel agency for different generations

In the USA, it is reasonable to see grandchildren on vacation only with their grandparents, especially on organized trips.

The idea to copy? Yes, even if reserved for the high end of society.

#5 Urban agriculture

If the citizen cannot go to the country, it is the campaign that goes to the citizen.

Among the various proposals, there are fresh and organic milk, and egg vending machines as two of my customers have just started to do.

#6 Wedding planner for LGBT

Newmarket space with substantial growth opportunities that deal with creating specific services for LGBT couples who decide to get married.

They work above all thanks to the web and push for a change of mentality.

#7 Classic Vegan cousine

Open a cooking academy dedicated to vegan dishes. It seems that the interest in this cuisine combined with a high level of knowledge of the subject works!

#8 Working for “Swingers”

There is no denying it: the erotic market is doing great.

One idea is to create specific services for one of its segments: the swingers.

For them (and for nudists), for example, you can organize trips with lots of proposals with hotels, beaches, and tailor-made cruises.

#9 USA food

To those who believe that the only good food is the Italian one, I remember the possibility of tasting fantastic bagels or simply original cheesecakes.

And it seems that American-style cafés are becoming more and more popular.

#10 A Multitasking bar

A client of mine created a bar that also serves as a neighborhood concierge: picking up a parcel, keeping a bunch of keys.

Which of these ideas inspired you the most? Write it in the comments!

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