Check your passions before becoming a freelance

You will surely have heard of it. Transform your passion into work. For example, I have transformed a passion for branding, marketing, and self-growth into work. However, passion is not enough; skills are also needed. However, it is also true that if you don’t have passion, you can’t get it.

If you decide to work on your own, what you do must excite you. Otherwise, you will not want to continue the first difficulties. To transform a passion into a profession, do this:

  1. Check that you also have the necessary skills (or procure them): you like to do something, but you don’t know how to do it competently, you have to learn
  2. Check that it is a “spendable” passion: ask yourself if anyone would ever buy your service or product
  3. Check that it is a lasting passion: if you have recently been passionate about it, it is not necessarily the right one
  4. Check that there are traces of that idea (that passion) in your past. Do you take back something you loved when you were a child or a hobby?
  5. Check if you always come back to mind. Even if you said “no, come on, who makes me do it, it’s madness” that business idea has an irresistible charm, and you keep thinking about it. Especially at night.

Moreover, finally: live a day as if that idea were already your business. Pretend to do this! Do you have the impression that making this idea (or sooner even thinking about it) makes you a better person, that is, more accomplished, more generous, more adult, more aware of your value?

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