How to promote yourself in the wine world: 4 ultimate steps

Do you have a food and wine business?

Do you have a winery in Tuscany or somewhere else in the world?

There are many events dedicated to the sector, and it is not always easy to understand how to promote yourself for professionals.

Companies that have worked well during the year collect their satisfaction in terms of recognition and success.

The other companies take many notes on how to improve their performance for the following year.

There is no magic formula or an ideal winery to follow as an example.

Every company has its own field, identity, market, and strategies. For this reason, the starting point is always to understand who we are and where we want to go.” Nicky Falk

But let’s start with calm, let’s see together how to promote yourself in the world of wine: what goals you can pursue and what actions to take.

1. Identify your Market

At the macro level, you may find yourself in one of these situations:

• If you intend to develop your market locally, pay great attention to relations with the territory.
So, Actively participating in local initiatives and taking advantage of online marketing to locally sponsor your business;

• If you intend to move nationally, don’t forget to combine traditional marketing operations with a multi-channel web marketing strategy that communicates your brand synergistically and consistently;

• If your primary objective is instead to develop the foreign marketing, your communication must be impeccable.
Yet, you must think of strongly linking your online activities with offline ones, with a strategy that leaves nothing to chance.

Once you have identified your macro-area, try to find your niche, so that you can align your communication style with your target market.

If you want to know more, we can have a skype-call.

2. Identify your Target

Who is your ideal client?

“Remember that talking to everyone is like talking to anyone.” Nicky Falk

We live hyper-connected, bombarded with information of all kinds, every minute.

For this reason, it is necessary to know our target in-depth, to be able at the right moment to attract attention with the proper contents.

3. Actions to take

From traditional marketing to online marketing, there are many ideas you can use, but they should always be considered for your reference niche.

• You could think of having a sommelier who writes in a specific magazine or thematic portal specializing in wine;

• Purchase paid to advertise on industry websites or search engines (AdWords)

• Create a solid content marketing strategy, with valuable content to offer your users on your website by working with SEO (search engine positioning)

• Use marketplaces such as (Amazon, Tannic, Enosocial, etc.) to increase sales in your cellar;

• Exploit the power of social networks to intrigue users about your product or service, studying an editorial plan that highlights your differences with competitors

(if you want to know how to spy on your competitors on FB call me!);

• You can do sponsorships on social networks;

• If your production allows it, you can think about creating e-commerce where you can buy directly

• You could also consider creating personalized bottles or packs.

As you can see, there is no lack of ideas, but always remember that not one of these actions will make a difference to your business, but the combination of multiple activities on multiple channels.

4. Differentiate yourself

Building your own offline and online attack plan is always a good thing, especially when this allows us to analyze the sector in which we want to succeed thoroughly.

In this, the analysis of the competitors offers us exciting ideas on what actions we could take but be careful not to become slaves of the strategies of others, especially if they are not grounded in our corporate identity!

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