Understand your personality to understand your business

Often many people are surprised that my way of working insists on knowledge and self-awareness.
Besides, business is just a matter of business.
Nothing could be more wrong!

I have often written that work is a manifestation outside of our personality and identity. Your personality influences every area of life, and business is no exception.

Your personality says a lot about your values, motivations, perceptions, says a lot about your strengths and weaknesses.
What is the point of building a business while ignoring all this?

It would be best if you grew a business that reflects your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses. However, first, you need to know them! Knowing them, you can also understand what to delegate.

There is no business equal to the other because there is no one person similar to the other.

For this reason, I insist that cultivating the knowledge of yourself is the fundamental condition of a successful business.

In the early stages of writing your business, knowing yourself is a real compass: it guides you in designing your business, from values ​​to the mission, to the organization of your daily life and therefore, to the creation of your model business (how you deliver your product or service and how you monetize it).

Having said this, it seems easy, but obviously, self-knowledge is a process, not a result! I can help you with my My Platinum Business path, take a look at the page and the subjects of the sessions. For any questions, I’m here for you 🙂

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