Facebook Page with low results: Attention to these 5 errors!

You have been told that to promote your business, you had to create a Facebook page, but in the end, you find yourself spending time and money with little or no results.

It’s not that Facebook doesn’t work, because some get amazing results. Facebook is the same for every one the difference lies in the way TU Entrepreneur uses it to promote your business.

The fact that you can open a page and write posts or publish photos and videos does not make you a social media marketing expert.

Facebook is a communication channel, which has its own rules and mechanisms, and ignoring them means meeting inevitable disappointments.

However, you can do the first analysis of your page and find out if you are committing one or more of these “classic” 5 errors:

1) Use a private profile instead of a company page to promote your business

In addition to not being able to do it for the legislation of Facebook (with the risk of closing the profile), a company page allows you to have access to a whole series of indispensable tools to promote yourself with this social network:

  • The “insights” is a series of data and statistics that measure the progress of your page. You can then gather valuable information to improve your strategy.
  • Indexing by search engines: the contents published on our page will also be visible outside Facebook, in particular on Google.
  • Unlimited public, unlike a profile that has a limit of 5 thousand users and has no target for interest.

2) Lack of a marketing strategy

Who wants to publish on Facebook, needs a publishing plan and a strategy, and this must be aligned to the marketing objectives. Publishing only to fill the page turns out to be a considerable waste of time and resources.

A widespread mistake is to concentrate on posting when you have time, maybe over the weekend. The result? Many publications on the same day at half-hour intervals, followed by total silence users perceive this as a lack of professionalism and discontinuity in the message.

Therefore, establish an editorial plan, which will determine the number of weekly posts you will publish, and you will have to create as much value as possible, to make people spontaneously care about what you sell.

3) Lack of interaction with the fans

Life on social media follows the same rules as real life, so behave as if you were dealing with your potential customer in your shop/office.

You must always answer questions in a friendly and competent manner. If someone wants to complain about the service, ever propose a solution.

Moreover, during the day, remember to return to the page to check if someone has added something, asked questions, or sent a message.

4) Do not sell, but create value

Facebook is a place for conversation, and it is not a TV channel where you run the advertising spot, and viewers passively suffer.

What I suggest you do is create valuable content, to make your brand appreciate and take advantage of this advantage later to sell.

5) Do not use sponsorships

Another mistaken belief of entrepreneurs on Facebook is that it is a free tool that does not require particular effort to generate results.

Learn to sponsor posts to the right target, use features like retargeting and similar audiences to find and extend the goal more and more.

This will allow you to reach people who weren’t looking for you directly, but who might be interested in your service/product.

You are now ready to correct your mistakes and effectively use your business page on Facebook.

So you? Which of these mistakes were you making? How did you solve them?

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