Learn the 6 actions to have self-esteem

Do you know what it means to love you? It means treating you the way you would treat your closest friend.

Exactly, because with friends it works like this: they are not perfect, they can do great crap, not being in shape at all, putting on embarrassing things, but in the end, you love them all the same, and you think the same that they are unique and beautiful.

It is in precisely the same way that we should choose to see and treat ourselves.

It is a vicious circle: if you do not really love yourself, people will notice it, feel it and you will end up attracting people into your life who are not what you are looking for and who will exploit your lack of self-esteem; because unconsciously they know that they can treat you poorly and that you will let them.

And the more this happens, the less you value yourself and increase all the negative and critical thoughts towards yourself.

Getting well is not just abstract common sense, but has a lot of retaliation on our practical life.

People who value themselves:

1) Set goals and do everything to achieve them
2) Attract people into their lives who are beautiful, fun, inspiring and positive
3) Have a rewarding and abundant experience
4) They do not judge others for the choices they make; instead, they accept them and embrace the fact that each of us is different
5) Make their decisions on their terms
6) Live as they want and have chosen to live

Unfortunately, many of us have been taught that being cynical, sarcastic, and judging others are fundamental elements of being an excellent person.

But it’s all a deception, and this way of thinking turns out to be very dangerous because it slowly insinuates itself into your depths.

Then, you get up one morning, and you wonder why you feel so miserable because you don’t like your life and you feel surrounded by people who treat you without respect.

All this simply comes from the fact that you did not respect yourself and loved yourself first.

Being happy requires effort and intelligence. Anyone can judge, criticize others, but it takes discipline and strength to change their mental habits, to see the positive side of a world that can be a real mess.

The idea of ​​changing our worldview is big and powerful. If you’re wondering where you can start to make it happen, the answer is always the same: from yourself. You can’t heal the world if you don’t treat yourself first.

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