Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Find out if your idea can turn into a business project

“Will my idea work?” That’s the question my clients asked most often during the first year of my path My Platinum Business.

Even though behind this, there is all your anxiety and fear of not making it, it is undoubtedly a good question.

If you want to start your own business, become your boss and challenge your idea to life, you must become able to look at it not only with the eyes of love but also in its potential to walk alone and go far!

So, the fact that you are afraid that your idea is not strong enough to give you your economic freedom can also be a sign that you are looking at it in the right perspective.

I don’t want you to get stuck at this point though!

This is only the first step of your adventure towards economic freedom, don’t you want to give up and have regrets?

That’s why I started this job a long time ago to help you understand if your idea can work.

There are no sudden businesswomen, so the reason I created this path is that I believe in the importance of preparation and planning.

Following precise steps does not mean losing spontaneity and passion, but instead preserving them.

It means putting yourself in a position to nurture and cultivate spontaneity and passion, not giving it up.

In the world of entrepreneurship, it has long been a parallel between the mountain and the company.

That’s not the familiar metaphor of “climbing the summit.”

As for the ability to risk, how much resilience, how much confidence it takes but also how much preparation!

Turning your idea into a business is like climbing a mountain. You have to bring out courage, have an iron tenacity, know how to take risks.

If you are a beginner, you have to rely on the advice of those who have a close-up, who get to know the mountain.

When you start with the company, you don’t know if the idea will earn you.

There is a risk factor, an unpredictability.

However, you must have the right equipment to deal with it!

Work with me

By making an appointment with me, you can find out if your idea works and can turn it into a business project.

However, what is the equipment for climbing your mountain? First of all, we will address the topic of your motivation! What drives you to want to be an entrepreneur?

I will give you some tips on the right attitude that you will need to stay motivated and determined even in difficulties.

I will explain the secret ingredient to make your idea work (which in reality is very simple: it must be useful to someone!).

I’ll tell you about the resources you need to realize your idea.

I will explain to you how to differentiate yourself and define your unique value, that is what makes your idea special!

Finally, I will talk about the importance of communicating in the right way and consistent with your essence – in technical jargon; it is called personal branding.

What to you wait? Contact me :))

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