What makes your business unique is you

You must be the exception!

Your professional success is linked to discipline and attention to detail.

There is something you need to focus on, to look for your ideal client. It’s about understanding who you really are in your business. What makes you different from the others.

Yet, you must find your niche.

Taking into consideration 3 things:

1. Your personal story, which already contains the elements on which to build an original and unique business

2. Your interests that have nothing to do with your work, but that give you energy.

why don’t you try to think about how to include it in your business?

3. What you love most about your job, your favorite part.

4. Always come from you: from your values, from what really counts for you. From the things, you would like to be remembered one day.

5. Don’t follow the crowd

Decide what you want to do before seeing what competitors are doing.

Sometimes the direction will be the same, sometimes not.

But it will always be an autonomous decision, yours.

6. Do not react, act: what you do and what you write should not be a reflection or an answer to what your competitors do.

Because this way you lose your uniqueness, but only your response to a question that you did not choose.

7. Also loves your mistakes

Enjoy the successes we are all good but remember that your professional mistakes teach you so much.

8. Love your offers and work to make them exceptional: it is your gift to the world, and it takes courage to expose yourself.

But it’s easier to do it if you believe 100%, and customers understand it.

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