How to delete the Impostor Syndrome

Do you know the impostor syndrome? It is that feeling (which we entrepreneurs often get) of never being enough: good, competent, capable, prepared … It usually comes when we are confronted with the competition, or when it seems to us that the customer is not satisfied. And so we go into crisis, and we think we are not able, we meditate to drop everything.

Here, in my opinion, this syndrome can heal itself.

Here are my tips:

  1. If you are in your first year of activity, this syndrome is very typical, don’t worry: go with time, experience and your growing confidence.
  2. To keep it at bay, remember that it feeds on two bacteria: perfectionism and self-criticism. The first is silenced by setting deadlines and respecting them, the second with a friend/friends who remind us whenever we need them to be competent and capable.
  3. Repeat to yourself “I do everything to the best of my ability.” Give your customers 100%. Don’t spare yourself. So you are not an impostor, you are the one who puts the soul in you and who can always improve.
  4. You’ve made a mistake? It happens! The important thing is to remedy: guilt is not needed. Instead, it is necessary to learn from mistakes: so better, you become wiser, and you can serve those who come to you even better.
  5. Make yourself useful. Focus on your client and how you can help her. You don’t have to be infallible, but give it a hand. Not everyone knows how to do what you do.

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