Build your Personal Branding

Whether you work as freelancers or as employees, the job market today demands that you define your personal brand and develop a marketing strategy on you.

The goal is to communicate clearly and effectively who you are, what you do and what you want. And what you say must be consistent with your actions and how you appear. You will have to create a STRONG image of yourself, which will have to be impressed in the mind of your interlocutor. That’s how.

Think of it as a product

It is the basic rule of personal branding. You have to think as if you were an advertising product to sell: they are not the best ones that sell more, but those that have an excellent marketing and communication campaign. The same goes for us. You will not have to leave anything to chance: you will decide and choose what and how to communicate the information that concerns you.

Focus on the essentials

The more you can summarize in a few and clear words who you are, what you care about and what you want, the more you will remain etched in the mind of your interlocutor. In a concise time, you will have to communicate an infinite number of information about your professionalism, your skills, and attitudes. It is the famous principle of the elevator pitch: you have 30, maximum 60, seconds to introduce yourself. As if by chance you met your dream boss on the elevator: Steve Jobs, Anna Wintour … Would you know what to say to him? You should be able to get his attention with something amusing. All in less than a minute, without hesitation and stammering, to make sure that when the doors close behind you, he (or she) remembers you.

Choose the contents

To make an effective elevator pitch, you need to think carefully about what to say (or write, by email) and how. You have to train and practice. Start from your CV and identify the highlights of your journey. Who you are, what you have done so far, what relevant experiences you have made, your strengths. These are the contents on which to work and develop the strategy. Now, choose the keywords to use, consistent with your role. Start repeating your presentation aloud to yourself.

Make the difference

Now put yourself in your interlocutor’s shoes: why should you choose from thousands of candidates? You have to think about your path in terms of successes achieved. As protagonists, not as people passing by chance. All you have done is your credit: your ability to analyze the situation, solve problems, develop strategies. Now, you need to go a step further. Be proactive. You must let your contact person know that you know what they are doing, that you already have ideas, that you will make a difference to them. By choosing you, they will gain. Review your presentation, and integrate it with these new points.

Define how you want to appear

Now let’s focus on the image: it is your business card, which remains impressed more than your voice and your words. Therefore, even in this field approximations are not allowed. Look at yourself from the outside: how do you look? Write down what you see on a sheet. Look, hair, posture. Does it satisfy you? Can you make improvements? Surely. But this does not mean going out and giving yourself compulsive shopping, or booking a hair salon. It means building your brand. Here, now think about how you would like to become, the ideal image of you. In this phase, inspirations are also valid: think of a person you admire (colleague or public figure) and imagine yourself absorbing everything you need from her. Take back the sheet in which you described yourself, and report the areas for improvement.

Tell the world who you are

For an effective personal branding strategy, you must also work on the relationships and values you convey with your words and actions. Don’t neglect social media: if you have accounts on different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …), pay attention to what you publish, or publish your friends on you. It’s your public image and part of your personal brand. From today on, be consistent.

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